Associated groups


CEstA researchers are linked to the following CNPQ research groups:


- Algorithms, Complexity, and Combinatorial Optimization

- Guarani Archaeology: territoriality and material culture - UFRGS

- Public Archaeology

- Center for Mesoamerican and Andean Studies - CEMA/USP

- Study of Black Archaeological Land (Anthropogenic) in Amazonia

- Visual Anthropology Group - USP (LISA)

- Images, Narratives and Cultural Practices - INARRA/UERJ

- Intelligence and Knowledge: Memory, Technology and Information Organization

- Symmetric Anthropology Laboratory - UERJ

- Nucleus of Urban Anthropology - NAU/USP

- Nucleus of Studies and Research of Narrative-Nucen - UNEAL

- Nucleus of Indigenous History and Indigenism - NHII/USP

- Landscape and palaeo-nobotany in prehistory of Brazil

- Nuclear Analytical Techniques Applied to Environmental and Archaeological Studies