MARI Indigenous Education Fund


This documental fund gathers documents related to MARI - Grupo de Educação Indígena da USP. MARI was created in 1989 by Prof. Dr. Aracy Lopes da Silva together with students and former students of the Graduate Program in Anthropology at USP. This research group, linked to the Department of Anthropology of USP, dedicated itself to researching the processes of introduction of the school in indigenous lands, to advising initiatives for the training of indigenous teachers in different regions of Brazil, to contributing to the formulation of a national policy of indigenous school education and to reflecting on the introduction of the indigenous theme in the curricula of Brazilian schools. Between 1995 and 2000, MARI hosted the Thematic Project "Anthropology, History and Education: The Indigenous Issue and the School", which had the support of FAPESP and gathered 19 researchers dedicated to investigating new paths for an education for socio-cultural diversity.

The MARI Fund brings together documents related to the functioning of this research group, advisory services to different governmental and non-governmental projects for the training of indigenous teachers, official documents, studies on indigenous education, children's and youth literature on indigenous themes, and didactic materials differentiated from indigenous schools. It also gathers various documents on indigenous school education donated by anthropologists Marta Maria Azevedo and Luis Donisete Benzi Grupioni.

MARI ended its activities in 2002 and its documental collection was incorporated as a research fund to the Nucleus of Indigenous History and Indigenism of USP. In 2012 it was incorporated into the Center for Amerindian Studies and is currently available for consultation at CEstA.


Listing of all titles in the MARI Collection


CATEGORY: DOC - Documents, Guidelines and Official Programs

CATEGORY: EEI - Indigenous Education Studies

CATEGORY: ESE - Studies on Education

CATEGORY: LIJ - Indigenous Youth Literature

CATEGORY: MDI - Didactic Material Indigenous Schools

CATEGORY: IDP - Paradidactics