Americanist Dissertation and Thesis Database

A survey of the dissertations and theses contained in this bibliographic database began in the context of the National Academic Cooperation Program (PROCAD) entitled "Amerindian Landscapes. Habilidades, Mobilidade e Socialidade nos Rios e Cidades da Amazônia" (Skills, Mobility and Sociality in Amazonian Rivers and Cities), a partnership signed between the Graduate Program of Social Anthropology of Sao Paulo University and the Graduate Program of Social Anthropology of Amazonas Federal University, financed by the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES).

This survey was continued by the Amerindian Studies Center, with the purpose of gathering production relative to the field of Americanism. As a result of this first stage, a cut was made in the area of Amerindian Anthropology and Ethnology, being restricted to the monographs and theses on the South American lowlands.

CEstA intends to make a systematic survey of this production, also expanding to the areas of History, Archaeology and alikes, as well as in a subsequent stage expand to research on indigenous people in Americas, overtaking Brazilian borders. In good time, we will publish updated material with new dissertations and theses available.

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